American online sports wagering innovator DraftKings Incorporated has reportedly agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit that had been brought by disgruntled participants in last year’s inaugural Sports Betting National Championship.

According to a Tuesday report from, the three-day event held over the National Football League’s Divisional Weekend had challenged sportsbetting aficionados to amass the largest bankroll possible from an aggregate $3,000 stake in hopes of winning a portion of a $2.5 million prize pool, which had included $1 million in cash for the overall winner.

Dire discrepancies:

Despite the sportsbetting competition’s lucrative jackpot, reported that the first-of-its-kind Sports Betting National Championship had eventually ‘ended in chaos’ amid allegations that several competitors had been prevented from wagering on its final January 13 game of gridiron football. This was purportedly the result of inconsistencies involving how quick different participating bets had been graded by DraftKings Incorporated in partnership with Maltese wagering technologies trailblazer Kambi Group.

Legal clash:

However, lead plaintiff Christopher Leong filed a lawsuit against DraftKings Incorporated after claiming that he had been significantly disadvantaged due to these irregularities being present prior to the final day of the lucrative January competition.

Amicable arrangement: reported that the settlement agreed with DraftKings Incorporated is due to see Leong receive $7,000 in compensation as well as $66,288 to cover his legal fees. The arrangement with an aggregate value of just over $100,000 must purportedly be approved via a May 18 hearing and is to moreover involve $150 in credits for the remaining crop of some 260 Sports Betting National Championship punters.

Leong reportedly told the source…

“Going into the lawsuit, anything less than the entry fee would have been a huge kick in the teeth. Funny how things change. One year later, when you’re expecting $0, $7,000 suddenly feels like a win.”