On Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021 the leading global offeror of cutting – edge e – sports wagering products, services, and technology, Esports Technologies Inc. (listed on the Nasdaq as EBET), announced that they have just recently filed a patent application on an exciting and game – changing new electronic e – sports gambling exchange system. The patent protects as well as covers an assortment of components regarding this fresh proprietary technology / product that Esports Technologies hopes to continue to dominate the e – sports betting industry with for years to come.

The patent application consists of a private and secure e – sports betting exchange model that is designed to provide other gaming operators as well as high – volume gamblers more liquidity and improved price points in an e – sports wagering environment where sizeable betting amounts do not impact or influence the overall market prices across various platforms.

The systems and approaches discussed in the pending patent application correspond to the operators’ capability to subscribe to particular betting markets like e – sports games, teams, players, and be categorized and organized into larger order blocks, which inevitably will lead to improved liquidity when matching and / or enhancing pricing procedures for electronic gaming technology platforms. This new and promising technology offers a thrilling new manner in which to participate in the ever more popular e – sports gambling industry. This new electronic e-sports gambling exchange system will be an absolute high – value asset for an online e – sports gaming providers in the market place as of now or in the future.

This recent patent filing embodies the latest addition to the already extremely impressive Esports Technologies’ portfolio of advanced betting offerings. In August of 2021, Esports Technologies Inc. filed an application for a provisional patent on a product / technology that utilizes artificial intelligence (A. I.) in order to produce up – to – the – minute live odds for online gaming providers to use in a gambling algorithm for e-sports tournaments as well as multiple stages of a complex gambling tournament.

In June of 2021, Esports Technologies also filed a patent netting a proprietary live – streaming technology product that incorporates sports and e – sports betting across the majority of the biggest popular streaming platforms that include household names such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Hulu to name a few of them. Esports Technologies continues to demonstrate why they crush it in this industry and constantly expand their ever – increasing market share in the e – sports betting industry. They have also been nominated for multiple awards to honor and recognize their contributions throughout this landscape.

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The chief operating officer at Esports Technologies, Bart Barden, explained, The private exchange described in this patent application could substantially elevate the esports wagering experience for high – volume bettors and traders. Our team will continue to refine the technology so that we can deliver the most engaging e – sports betting exchange platform.”