Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is ready to provide more via its platform with a new deal involving BlueRibbon. The B2B marketing platform will integrate new player engagement tools to GiG which allows the company to grow its online gaming offering around the world.

Cutting-Edge Tools

With the cutting-edge tools of BlueRibbon added to GiG’s platform, partners will be able to offer custom jackpots. This will provide a new level of engagement for players. The platform of BlueRibbon ensures player loyalty and brand differentiation which will add value to the solutions offered via GiG.

Operators can create a personalized experience for players by using such tools as jackpot mini-games and tournaments. The customization aspect helps operators to create something different, which keeps players engaged and ready to play more.

GiG Chief Commercial Officer Ben Clemes commented on the new partnership, stating the company is excited to have teamed up with BlueRibbon. Clemes said: “At GiG, we are always looking for ways to enhance and improve our existing offering to our partners. Integrating BlueRibbon’s jackpot solution allows us to enhance our frontend by adding a new level of gamification to our existing games portfolio.”

Clemes stated further that with the solution, GiG’s partners will be able to drive customer engagement and retention. Exclusive jackpot promotions can be customized to player profiles which will help to differentiate brands from competitors.

Terminated Deal

While a new deal has been made with BlueRibbon, GiG has decided to cut ties with another partner. Earlier in the year, the company announces a mutual termination with Hard Rock International. Both parties agreed that their partnership had been beneficial but was unable to reach terms for a commercial agreement to reach strategic goals.

Due to the decision, GiG was immediately released from an exclusivity clause in a contract with Hard Rock. With this release, the gaming company can now work on new deals in the United States.