Even though Goa’s floating casinos are a huge source of income for the country, their existence causes lots of problems for the government. The latest news related to the four such facilities reveal that the state’s Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar postponed their long awaited relocation for next year.

In his speech, the leader explained that Mandovi River’s attractions had been given until 31st of March, 2017 to find another location for their operations. This was a hot topic last year as well, when Parsekar also allowed the casinos to stay in water for several more months. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that seeing the same scenario one more time was received with protest by those that believe the gambling facilities should be relocated as soon as possible.

The Chief Minister insisted that the new deadline wasn’t excluding the option for relocation to happen earlier in case a suitable option was found. He revealed that the BJP was looking at four possible locations, but they weren’t feasible for the operators or their locals were strongly against floating casinos in the area. Parsekar even mentioned moving the facilities on land, claiming that there wasn’t any “opposition to land casinos” in the country.

Goa’s government additionally announced that it was renewing the license of a fifth floating casino Delta Pleasure Cruise Co Ltd’s Royale Flotel. Its license will be valid until 31st of March, 2017 as well. The rest operators whose future location is yet to be decided are M V Horseshoe Casino (Deltin Royale), M V Boa Sorte, M V Pride of Goa and M V Casino Royale (Deltin Jaqk).

Aside from locals that find gambling industry to be “evil for the society,” the other strongest enemy of the floating casinos is Parsekar’s political opponents who called the latest decision “another milestone of shameless U-turn.”