Hard Rock International, a casino operator based in the United States, has set their sites on Japan, preparing to open an office in Tomakomai, to be a contender for casino licensing in the region. According to a senior executive within the company, Hard Rock will be opening an office within the Kokkaido prefecture in just a few months.

GGRAsia has reported that Daniel Cheng, the senior vice president for casino development in Asia has stated that the office should be open by September. Executives of the company feel that the Hard Rock is positioned well to link up with local partners for a gaming license, based on the current presence of the Hard Rock within the entertainment sector of the region.

Hard Rock reportedly chose the Tomakomai area due to the location as an office would provide locals with information about the casino gaming industry as well as promote countermeasures for gambling addiction.

Japan is preparing to get started in the casino industry as the Integrated Resort Implementation Bill passed within the country’s parliament lower chamber in June. The ordinary session was extended to give the governing body time to pass the bill before a set deadline of July 22nd. The bill would allow for the country to open up three casino resorts, with Hard Rock International hoping to become involved in the process.

Areas that are being considered for an integrated resort include Hokkaido, Osaka, Wakayama and Yokohama, based on information provided by investment analysts. Reportedly, the Hard Rock has an edge over their competitors to receive a license in Hokkaido, according to information by Nomura, a brokerage based in Japan.