Earlier this month, WCD reported on pirated slots at Burnbet Casino uncovered by the team at Latest Casino Bonuses. After publishing their findings, Burnbet Casino has taken a less than civil approach in dealing with this issue by sending death threats and harassing members of the LCB team.

At first, Burnbet released a statement saying they were aware of the pirated slots, but that all games were fair, and they had planned to migrate software operators this September. A poor excuse, but at least a calm response. What happened during the ensuing days was the last thing anyone expected.

Initially, a member of LCB began receiving threats via email and Facebook from a person using the name Tina. Tina also claimed to be the CEO of Burnbet Casino. Soon after, death threats and more harassment came pouring in through fake names on private messengers and the live chat system on LCB.

However, due to lack of any real common sense, the LCB team was able to quickly and easily discover that all IP addresses sending these threats were coming from the same location in Slovenia where the original Tina from Facebook is supposedly from. It was clear, all of these attacks were coming from one person.

These cheap and cowardly scare-tactics went as far as to threaten the co-CEO of LCB with an “imminent dispatch by Italian and Slovenian mafia.” They even went as far to reference news coverage of a Sicilian mafia boss who was murdered in the streets of Palermo. We can assume they were trying to say they had a part in this mess in order to enhance their bullying tactics in dealing with a poor decision to use fake games.

Threats to LCB from Burbet

More threats to LCB

Back to Tina

Tina was found to be a real person named Tinka Prinčič, who works for Desoft Gaming. Desoft Gaming just so happens to be affiliated with 2WinPower, the main supplier of these pirated games at Burnbet Casino. You see where this is going.

The fun didn’t stop at futile threats either. Shills began posting in the LCB forums pretending to be customers of Burnbet Casino and creating false reports of how happy they were to be Burnbet players. Again, LCB was easily able to thwart yet another pathetic attempt by Burnbet to try and salvage what was left of their name.

Proving they have no couth, nor morality; the shill created an actual Burnbet Rep account acting on behalf of Burnbet.

At this point, Burnbet is considered blacklisted. Anyone who attempts to play at Burnbet should do so at their own risk. We highly recommend not using this casino obviously, and hope to spread the word so that no one loses their money.