Led by the Platinum sponsor, LottoYard, the third Global Lottery Messenger Forum (GLMF), was a success, seeing 140 individuals from 22 different countries attending. Key individuals of the lottery messenger industry were in attendance, discussing how the future looks bright for the business of providing lottery services to customers. One of the main messages received by the delegates of the GLMF was to understand that operators need to ‘be the architects of their own success’ given that the industry is gaining attention and increased regulation is on the horizon.

Lottery messenger services are one of the fastest growing areas of online business and an example of the newest options made available to consumers. Customers can easily take part in lotteries from around the globe by using the lottery messenger service. Tickets to lotteries in various countries can be purchased via the service on behalf of the consumer or bets can be placed on winning numbers. These bets are guaranteed to provide the exact payout if the numbers are a win. Prizes from the jackpots are able to grow quite large, even reaching hundreds of millions in various currencies including dollars, pounds and euros.

Head of Sales, Middle East, of Counting House and organizer of the event Stuart Ballan, stated that the industry is moving from strength to strength. There has been a notable rise in the volume of sales as well as white labels. Ballan stated that the changes in lottery rules have led to a rise in the size of jackpots as well as a massive increase in the number of customers. Earlier in the year, a Powerball Lottery prize rolled over in a four day time frame from $950 to $1.5bn.

Last December, a player of the Oregon Lottery was able to win a jackpot prize of $6.4 million. The player was not located in the United States but in Iraq. The ticket was purchased via TheLotter.com and gave the player the option to compete in the lottery despite his location, a big reason why such services are so popular.

Ballan also reported that steady growth is taking place in the industry that could be compared to sustainable business in the long term but challenges are coming. As every industry matures, issues arise including new regulations and that the lottery could change their rules.

Currently, insurance-model operators have a requirement to have a gambling license, however ticket-purchase operators do not have this requirement. Delegates have been informed that regulation could be created in the industry and it is important that legislation involved is informed and proportionate.

Isle of Man Gambling Commission Chief Executive, Steve Brennan, was a speaker during the conference who stated that operators need to be proactive and consider creating a trade association that can show the ability of the industry to self-regulate via an agreed code of practice. According to Brennan, doing so would show consideration has been given to regulation issues by operators and that they have the ability to manage the industry as well as inform any legislation in the future.

During the GLMF of 2016, 12 presentations took place as well as two panels. There were twenty speakers and panelists, covering a range of topics including the purchase model of lottery tickets, use of call centers, marketing strategies as well as partnerships, B2B sales and more.