In the state of Massachusetts, there are gambling facilities in the works that would cater to players who enjoy table games, slots and more. The casino industry is emerging in the state and gambling regulators do not want to see the industry harmed in any way by outside interference. It was announced last week that the State Gaming Commission is now looking to study the impact that legalized marijuana would have on the casino industry as it begins.

On November 8, Massachusetts voters  overwhelmingly approved the legalization of recreational marijuana. The new law takes effect December 15. Smoking will not be allowed in any public places where cigarette smoking is not allowed. Current law prohibits smoking within gambling facilities.

An announcement was made by the Gaming Commission for requests from operators of state-licensed casinos as well as the public for comments on marijuana and the gambling industry. The panel will be taking a look at how employees would be impacted by marijuana in the workplace as well as the use of recreational marijuana in areas that are non-public. Also to be considered is what would happen if employees or patrons were to bring edible items that contain marijuana to the hotel, shopping areas or other non-gambling facilities of a casino.

The commission is now accepting comments from casinos and the public by email or mail with an end date of January 2nd 2017. In the state, there are three gaming operators who currently have licensing and can respond to the matter, Penn National Gaming, MGM and Wynn.