The new Hyatt Place Hotel and Meadows Casino are now linked. Work began Wednesday April 22, 2015 on an enclosed pedestrian walkway between the two buildings. Both are located in Washington, Pennsylvania. The walkway is between the hotel’s fourth floor and casino’s second floor. Hyatt guests can go between their rooms and the casino in a weatherproof walkway ensuring they are always in climate-controlled areas.

Meadows Casino General Manager, Sean Sullivan said, “It’s a seamless, easy walk over to the casino”, that was completed on Thursday.

It was always a part of the hotel plan to have the walkway. The 155 room hotel construction started in December 2013. A finishing touch was to add the walkway, so the hotel can open on April 30, 2015 complete and linked to the casino.

The hotel is built by Pittsburgh company, FFC Capital Corp. The rooms are upscale. The Hyatt owners wanted to make certain guests could reach the ornate bar, full service restaurant, bakery/café, indoor pool, outdoor patio, and fitness center with ease. They also wanted to make all rooms with extra soundproofing. All of the hard work is now coming to fruition with the final touches on the hotel being completed.