Michigan Representative Brandt Iden was confident in his efforts to push for sports betting and online gambling legislation in the state. Both democrats and republicans were in favor of the effort, with bills steadily moving forward. However, all progress has now been stalled due to Republican Governor Rick Snyder deciding to veto the package of bills. On Friday, Snyder decided to stop the bills, with only two days left in his term.


Representative Iden was both surprised and disappointed in the outcome. Despite the veto, the representative plans on continuing to work for sports betting in the state, set to introduce a new bill by the end of next month. The next legislative session in the state begins on the 9th of January.

According to Sportshandle.com…

In a phone call, Iden stated: “I am surprised and disappointed. With this many stakeholders on board, it took us two years to get to this point, and it’s the first time in any state history that we had all parties that were supportive of the bill (on the same page).”

Moving Forward:

As Rep. Iden moves forward with his efforts to see gambling expand in Michigan, he might have a difficult time. It took a year for Iden to gain support from both parties, with operators, lawmakers and tribal interests all in approval of what was proposed in the online gaming package of bills. The package included sports betting, an activity that would only have further boosted revenues earned from expanded gaming.

Rep. Iden will have to reintroduce the bills and then committee meetings will have to take place yet again, with both the Senate and House voting on the measures before the bill will be placed before the incoming governor’s desk, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.

Governor Whitmer has shown support for sports betting so Iden is hopeful that she will sign legislation that is able to move forward next year, involving online gambling and sports betting.