Online gambling software developer NetEnt AB has announced the launch of a unique web marketing campaign that has been designed to engage its staff while demonstrating its “successful challenger culture”.

Filmed as a reality-style television program and christened The Challenge, the eight-episode series will see the Swedish firm’s over 900 employees combine to help a team of four colleagues climb one of the tallest mountains in the European Alps. Each of the ten-minute programs are to document the group’s progress, which is to be aided by compatriots across every segment of the business completing work-related tasks, and offer viewers a rare insight into the workings of a major multi-national organization.

“We are climbing this mountain to highlight and pay tribute to the metaphorical peaks that NetEnt-ers scale every day,” read a statement from Per Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer for NetEnt AB. “With The Challenge, we have created something completely new to tell our story as part of our strive to attract and retain the most talented and passionate individuals.”

NetEnt AB declared that The Challenge is set to “help cement” its reputation as a “leader and innovator in the tech sector” while positioning it as a “first choice for top talent in a highly competitive field”. It moreover stated that the “open and authentic” behind-the-scenes look would give the gaming industry the chance to learn more about its corporate culture and values.

The Stockholm-based company proclaimed that The Challenge has been designed to highlight and turn into actions the values of its Better Mondays concept, which involves employees being positive about going to the office on a Monday morning due to their work being fun and stimulating.

“We take great pride in all we do [and] we want to attract people who like to influence their work, the product and their life,” read the statement from Eriksson. “To work at NetEnt AB you need to thrive in a fast-paced environment in an ever-changing field; to embrace opportunities to grow and to face challenges. At NetEnt AB, people have Better Mondays. We are never afraid to go above and beyond and we are bringing this to life with The Challenge.”