The $10,300 Super MILLION$ High Rollers event has finished up at GGPoker and the latest to win is an online poker player from Cyprus known as “blakjak19”. The field of 137 players was tough to crack, but blakjak19 was able to outlast them all, even a few pros, to claim the win!

The Final Table

When the final table of this event began on October 13, all eyes were on the players remaining. Twitch followers were able to tune in to the action, with commentary provided by Kevin van der Kooi and Randy Lew.

The first player to be eliminated was Rica Copag, falling to poker pro Dario Sammartino. Pocket jacks were not enough to beat pocket aces, and Copag was out in ninth place, though still securing over $40,000 in prize money.

Next to go was Niklas Astedt, after taking on Idris Ambraisse. The blinds increased, and then it was online poker player “winnerwsop” who was eliminated, shoving with K-Q only to be defeated by A-Q. After a few more eliminations, it would leave only blakjak19 and Stephen Chidwick to duke it out in heads-up play.

When this final matchup began, blakjak19 had just over 9.1 million in chips while Chidwich had 4.3 million. Surprisingly, the heads-up round would be only one hand. Blakjak19 started with betting with A-J and was called by Chidwick who held 6-4 of spades. With the flop, Chidwick had a straight but no spades, the board was all diamonds.

Blakjak19 bet again and Chidwick raised and then eventually pushed all-in. The turn was a 2 of spades, which kept Chidwick in the game. However, the river was a diamond, and with a Jack of diamonds and a full board, blakjak19 won the hand and claimed the champion title.

Final Results

Place Player Prize
First Blakjak19 $344,407
Second Stephen Chidwick $263,791
Third Dario Sammartino $202,045
Fourth V@der $154,752
Fifth Alex Foxen $118,529
Sixth Idris Ambraisse $90,785
Seventh Winnerwsop $69,534
Eighth Niklas Astedt $53,258
Ninth Rica Copag $40,792