The Palm Restaurant will be closing this month for renovations that will take around a year to complete. Workers of the restaurant will be displaced until the restaurant is up and running again. Wendy Hamilton, the General Manager for SugarHouse Casino heard of the restaurant closing and felt this would be a great opportunity to help out the employees as well as the new restaurants of the casino.

SugarHouse is about to open seven new outlets for food and beverage, including a steakhouse, all of which are in need of employees. The casino will now have as many as 50 positions that will be filled by the workers who are being displaced due to the Palm Restaurant’s renovations.

Hamilton knows that some of the displaced workers may end up going back to the Palm after the renovations are complete, but she is certain some will choose to remain at the SugarHouse. Hamilton has set a goal to make sure that the new restaurants have experienced individuals working in the positions needed and perhaps these individuals can also train replacements as well.