Tinian Entertainment’s casino license application to operate the typhoon ravaged Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino in the Northern Mariana Islands is essentially complete, according to Tinian’s gaming commission.

Approval for the license follows an agreement made between the three entities, Tinian Entertainment Co, the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission and Hong Kong Entertainment (Overseas) Investments Limited, to go ahead with the transition of control of the complex after HK Entertainment’s $75 million fine in June for alleged violations of the country’s anti-money-laundering rules.

According to local media, a letter written to the company by Lucia Blanco-Maritita, executive director of the Tinian gaming commission said that, “based on our review we deem the application of TEC to be substantially complete pursuant to the MOU dated July 1, 2015”.

Joey San Nichols, Tinian mayor is concerned that the Tinian government could not afford to be the community’s only source of employment. It was after the announcement by Hong Kong Entertainment (HKE) Chairman Wai Chan that due to negative cash flow and low tourist arrivals complete closure of both the casino and hotel could happen by month’s end that worried Nichols. The mayor stated: “It was inevitable that the hotel would all together close, once the casino operations closed. I hope that now that TEC’s application is finally deemed to be substantially complete, the investigation process can be expedited, so that if TEC is found to be a fit applicant, they can assume the operations of the casino”.

The letter to the company written by Blanco-Maritita also stated that, according to local media, “TEC shall deposit with the [commission] additional refundable investigative funds in the amount of $100,000 no later than September 9, 2015,” and that,“If funds are not deposited by that date, the investigation will not commence and the MOU timelines will be impacted.”

The Tinian Entertainment Company has already made one $100,000 submission.