During Memorial Day Weekend, the Fitz Casino & Hotel of Tunica will be hosting the Vietnam Memorial Wall traveling replica, a smaller version of the memorial found in the United States capital city. The memorial stands six feet tall and spans almost 300 feet from one end to the other. 80% in size as compared to the Washington D.C. Vietnam Memorial Wall, the traveling replica gives individuals the opportunity to see the memorial as well as find family members or loved ones names and create an etching.

On May 25th, the memorial wall will make its way to the Tunica Casino Factory Outlet Shoppes and then be taken to the casino via a motorcade escort. Once arriving at the casino, the Tunica County Color Guard will greet the memorial along with Air Force ROTC members of Rosa Fort High School and the school’s Color Guard.

The wall will have to be assembled, with volunteers helping to build the wall starting at 11:00 am. Decoration of the wall is set to take place on the 26th. On the 27th, the wall will be open for viewing starting at 10:00 am. The memorial wall is free to view and can be visited at any time, day or night. Beginning at 9:00 pm in the evenings during the wall’s tour, a candlelight vigil will take place.

On the 30th, Memorial Day, closing ceremonies are set to take place starting at 2pm. The wall will be staying open after the ceremonies, until 10:00pm. Fitz Executive Director of Marketing, Rick Casagrande, stated in a press release that the casino is honored to be hosting the Traveling Memorial Wall, remembering those who served. Casagrande commented that the wall is a wonderful opportunity for the casino to pay tribute to the fallen heroes as well as help citizens be able to experience the replica of the Washington D.C. Vietnam Memorial.