The official poker game of the WSOP, the World Series of Poker app, is offering high stakes players a new tournament option with the champion of one version earning $120 million. The WSOP app now offers two versions of the Montreal Tournament, with the Classic version has a huge buy-in of $15 million while the Express option costs even more at $40 million. Thankfully, the buy-ins are not real money, but players on the app do have to have enough coins to take part.

Tournament Details:

The Classic Montreal Tournament will offer up $45 million for the winner while the Express version provides even more at $120 million. On top of the nice prizes, players have the opportunity to earn a WSOP ring. Players have to win the Classic tournament 15 times and a special ring will be provided to display on the gamer’s account. Win the Express tournament five times and the ring is awarded.

According to PokerNews

Players can play their way to coins to buy-in to either version or choose to purchase coins in the store of the app. Players can spend as much as $100 and earn $630 million in coins, which would provide several buy-ins to the high stakes tournament events.

Signing Up: 

Using the WSOP app is simple. Players can easily sign up at the site by visiting Once the ‘Play Now’ button is selected, players can create an account via Facebook, Google or email. Choose your format and easily get started. A guide is provided as you start within the WSOP app to help you learn the various commands and how to find gaming options.

The app is a great way to play online poker without spending real cash. Practice here and perhaps head to Las Vegas in the summer months to put your poker skills to the test during the World Series of Poker annual events!