The 2017 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, or SCOOP, has come to an end with many events taking place over a several week period. The latest event to finish up was the $10,300 No Limit Hold’em Main Event. This was the Main Event on the high end of the schedule as the SCOOP offers low, medium and high stakes so players of every bankroll can take part. For this Main Event, a field of 693 players took part with British poker pro Charlie Carrel earning the first place win.

A total of $6,930,000 was up for grabs with Carrel earning just over $1,200,000 for his efforts. The final table would be stacked with tough competitors so it would not be easy for the pro to earn the win. Players who made it to the final table include Emil Patel and Connor Drinan.

Carrel would actually start final table play as the short stack. However, he would be able to make a comeback and eliminate Ola Amundsgard to take the chip lead when four handed play began. Harrison Gimbel would eliminate two players to bring it down to himself and Carrel in heads up play. Gimbel would enter heads-up play with a 4 to 3 chip lead and a deal would be discussed between the two.

Both players would decide to secure $1,122,874 for Gimble and $1,100,900 for Carrel. This would leave $100,000 to compete for and of course the title. Carrel would retake the chip lead and once the final hand rolled around Gimbel would move all in with K-9 off-suit. Carrel would call with J-8 suited clubs. The board would fall A-10-5-J-5 giving Carrel the remaining cash and the title win.

Final Results:

First Charlie Carrel $1,200,899
Second Harrison Gimbel $1,122,873
Third th’Kick $690,348
Fourth Garrin4e $492,542
Fifth Ola Amundsgard $351,414
Sixth Connor Drinan $250,723
Seventh C. Darwin2 $178,883
Eighth Samuel Vousden $127,628
Ninth Emil Patel $91,058


Players in New Jersey were also able to take part in their own version of SCOOP. The NJ version just finished up with more than $1.2 million in guaranteed prize money on offer.