On Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 Esports Technologies, Inc. (which is listed on the Nasdaq as EBET), one of the top worldwide online gaming providers of award – winning and state – of – the – art e – sports betting products, services, and technologies, announced that they have successfully completed their acquisition of Aspire Global’s (which is listed on the STO as ASPIRE) B2C business for price of approximately $75.9 million.

According to the terms and conditions of this new agreement, Esports Technologies has now completed the acquisition of Aspire Global’s collection of B2C privately – owned online sportsbook and casino brands which include: Karamba, Hopa, Griffon Casino, BetTarget, Dansk777, and GenerationVIP. In addition to that, Esports Technologies has been granted access to gaming licenses of Tier – 1 controlled marketplaces such as Malta, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Tactically, Esports Technologies Inc. prepares to utilize their newly enlarged market access via the several – brand acquisitions in order to cross – sell the e – sports betting prospects to boost their e – sports revenue stream, the number of wagering transactions, as well as their base of customers.

Over the course of the most recent 12 – month period that ended in September of 2021, Aspire Global’s B2C revenuewas recorded at $78.3 million, and their EBITDA was listed at $7.9 million, a 43 % and 30 % increase respectively over the same time – period of the previous year. During that same period of time, the B2C business estimated betting of approximately $1.86 billion as well as $183 million through cash deposits stemming from 1.25 million consumers.

Aspire Global will function as the back – end operator for the recently purchased B2C brands, which will guarantee the proper functionality of these assets, and Aspire Global will offer Esports Technologies e – sports products, services, and technologies on their well – traveled platform.

Media Statements

“Acquiring Aspire Global’s portfolio of innovative B2C brands, access to new markets, and its 1.25 million deposited customers is a strategic leap in our journey to become a world leader in e – sports wagering. We look forward to our partnership with Aspire as we continue to scale,” the CEO of Esports Technologies, Aaron Speach, stated.

“Esports Technologies has rapidly established itself as one of the foremost innovators in e – sports wagering. Acquiring the world – class B2C portfolio we’ve built will further expand their reach in this skyrocketing global market,” says the CEO of Aspire Global, Tsachi Maimon.

Recently a conference call was scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 at 4:30 p. m. EST, in order to discuss the details of the newly finalized acquisition. The link to this conference call is now available on the Esports Technologies’ Investor Relations page under Investor Overview – ESPORTS Technologies Inc..