Billionaire Japanese businessman, Kazuo Okada (pictured), has reportedly filed a lawsuit against eleven individuals in the Philippines claiming that they had illegally conspired in the process that led to him being removed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for local casino operator, Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment Incorporated.

Controversial dismissal:

According to a report, Tiger is a subsidiary of Japanese pachinko, slot machine and arcade games manufacturer, Universal Entertainment Corporation and stripped 76-year-old Okada of his management positions almost two years ago amid allegations that the entrepreneur had been involved in a trio of fraud cases.

‘Qualified theft’ allegations:

However, the septuagenarian has long maintained his innocence and has now reportedly fired back via a lawsuit that was lodged with the Paranaque City branch of the Philippine Department of Justice’s National Prosecution Service on May 2. The action purportedly names his son, Tomohiro, as one of the lead defendants and claims that all of the named parties had committed ‘qualified theft’ as well as a form of fraud known as ‘estafa with abuse of confidence’ in getting him removed from his roles back in June of 2017.

Petitioning pair:

GGRAsia reported that Hong Kong-headquartered, Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment Incorporated, is responsible for the giant Okada Manila integrated casino resort while Okada filed his lawsuit in partnership with long-time senior advisor, Takahiro Usui, both of whom are the subject of associated arrest warrants in the Philippines.

Marital mess:

Okada’s action reportedly also names his estranged wife, Takako, as a defendant alongside the President for Tokyo-based Universal Entertainment Corporation, Jun Fujimoto. It claims that all of these parties had ‘betrayed’ him ‘during the material dates’ by using their senior positions to ‘facilitate’ his removal.

Okada’s lawsuit read…

“Tomohiro betrayed me by orchestrating and spearheading the ouster events together with Fujimoto.”

Regarding his wife, Okada reportedly alleges that she had swindled him ‘by being a willing and active participant in the ouster events’ after being appointed upon his recommendation as a director for Universal Entertainment Corporation two years’ earlier. It furthermore purportedly described Fujimoto as a ‘protégé and confidant’ that had benefitted from his many years of ‘tutelage and guidance.’

Defendant drove:

Okada’s lawsuit additionally names former Tiger director, Steve Wolstenholme, as a defendant alongside fellow executives, Kenshi Asano, Kenji Sugiyama, Reynaldo David, Manuel Lazaro, Antonio Cojuangco, Michelle Lazaro and Yoshinao Negishi.