Late Wednesday July 1, 2015 it was confirmed in the Reno Gazette-Journal that the Siena Hotel Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada has been sold. The casino closed at noon the previous day. Although the casino gaming operations have been closed by operator Grand Siena LLC, the hotel, restaurants, and bars remain open.

The property was purchased by HMRN LLC, a limited liability company registered in Delaware. No plans were immediately announced for the property that sits on the Truckee River in downtown Reno.

The property has had several owners over the years, first opening in 2001. In May the company announced that the property would be sold this summer. As reported at that time, the property is likely to undergo a multi-million dollar renovation and may partner with, “an internationally recognized hotel and resort brand.”

There is speculation that the casino floor will remain closed even after the property is refurbished. The area has come under increasing competition from tribal gaming operators in California even as it makes a slow but steady recovery from a nationwide downturn in the economy.