Vietnam is is seeing growth in luxury casinos and one of them, the Ho Tram Resort Casino (Grand Ho Tram Strip) is offering an international standard poker room. The Ho Tram Poker Room officially opened in April this year and immediately hosted the APT Vietnam in early May. Now, the room is getting ready for top players to return and battle it out in the first ever Vietnam Poker Cup (VPC). Events are schedules from August 21st through the 23rd.

The event will become an ongoing series, and is run in association with Worlds Players Entertainment (WPE). “This is the beginning of something that will last for many years to come. The Vietnam Poker Cup is a historic event with the winner’s name to forever be etched in glory,” said WPE CEO, Andrew W Scott.

“It is a major milestone for Ho Tram Resort Casino as Vietnam’s first home grown poker event and while it is open to all holders of non-Vietnamese passports we are sure it will become a must-play event for those non-Vietnamese passport holders living in Ho Chi Minh City and elsewhere throughout Vietnam” Scott added.

The Cup schedule includes a US$1,100 High Roller tournament and a US$550 Main Event along with several additional events with entries ranging from US$55-US$275.

Players are overjoyed with the prospects of having a world class poker room in Vietnam to call “home”. The room and casino are open to holders of foreign passports.