The PokerStars 2020 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is in full swing and already, several events have finished up. Conn Drinan, known as blanconegro online, was able to win his fourth SCOOP title in the series, tying with Shaun Deeb to hold the all-time record.

Details of the Big Win:

Drinan has already competed in quite a few SCOOP events, with this latest win coming during Event #56 a HORSE tournament. The event was in the HIGH section of the series and had a buy-in of $1,050. With 139 players competing, the total prize pool on offer would end up at $139,000.

In the end, Drinan would defeat Mike Leah in heads-up play, earning $30,233 for his efforts. With the fourth win, Drinan ties with Deeb for four wins in a single SCOOP. This is quite an amazing feat and with more events to go, the poker player has the potential to win another event and claim the title for his own!

According to the source

The Event #56 win came after Drinan won Event #40, on the HIGH end, a $5,200 PLO event. For his lifetime earnings, Drinan has now earned over $11 million in live play. For online gaming, he has earned more than $7 million.

SCOOP Continues:

The SCOOP now continues with several more events on the schedule, today Events #65 kick things off with an 8-Game option. Players can choose to compete on the low end for $11 and $35,000 in prize money or the mid-level with $109 buy-in and $60,000 in prize money. The High end offers a $1,050 buy-in and a prize pool of $135,000.

Additional options on today’s schedule include NLHE, a 6-Max Progressive KO and Turbo Shootout.