Wynn Resorts is currently in the process of building a mega-casino resort in Everett, Massachusetts which is estimated to be around $1.75 billion. Wynn had acquired an important 1.75 acres from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) for $6 million as the land was supposed to be used to build the entrance of the mega casino.

This land acquisition has caused a number of concerns and the Martin Walsh, the mayor Boston has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the city against Wynn resorts. A group of taxpayers have also come together and filed a similar lawsuit against Wynn as both lawsuits allege that Wynn Resorts and MBTA had violated state public bidding law. The city of Boston had also filed a lawsuit against the state gaming commission stating that there were irregularities in the land acquisition and has asked the state gaming commission to revoke Wynn Resort’s Everett casino license.

Wynn Resorts have not taken kindly to Mayor Walsh’s allegations and has threatened him with a lawsuit. Barry Langberg, an attorney representing Wynn Resorts has sent a scathing letter to the Mayor and asked him to stop his campaign of lies.

The letter to Mayor Walsh states “The purpose of this letter is to urge you to cease your campaign of falsehoods against my client and to apologize for the 
irreparable damage you have already caused. Proper and ethical conduct on your part at this point demands that you do everything in your power to correct the falsehoods you have spread and mitigate the damage caused by those reckless and untrue statements”.

The city of Boston had sent out subpoenas to 8 former and current state police officers as there were allegations that Wynn Resorts had prior knowledge that Charles Lightbody, a convicted felon had a stake in the purchased property. If the city can prove that Wynn Resorts had prior knowledge before making the purchase, Wynn Resorts could end up losing its casino license in Everett.

Wynn Resorts has denied this allegation and said that the land was advertised for an auction in the central register of the state and local newspapers. Wynn followed through on the auction process and its final bid was accepted, making it a completely legal process. Wynn Resorts and the city of Boston are expected to meet in court on the 9th of July to see how the courts rule.