In February 2015 the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission gave a thumbs up to the Bridge Investment Group to build Tinian Ocean View Resort in the Northern Marianas. The leisure design company YWS Design is going to master-plan the casino hotel resort which will be a replica of Titanic, a famous cruise ship that went down in the Atlantic Ocean. The property will be developed on the island of Tinian which is the only visa-free area for Chinese and Russian people.

The development of the property will cost US$130 million and is scheduled to break ground at the beginning of 2016. It will possibly open its doors in March 2017. Tinian Ocean View Resort is planned to include 300 rooms, a casino, a wedding chapel and two arcades. It will be the third licensed casino in the area and it will serve high roller gambling and luxury tourists.

Development of the property includes two phases. In the first phase, the main casino and hotel will be built, while in the second phase, the property will expand its casino segment into another Titanic-themed casino situated on the Tinian Harbor.

YWS CEO and designer of Treasure Island and Bellagio in Las Vegas believes that themed resorts connect theatrics with functionality and when they are designed well they are truly amazing. “We want to create a truly unique experience at Tinian Ocean View Resort,” he added.